In the Presence of Trees, Part 8

I hear chirps in the Lawson cypress towering above me. A new nest with new life. The tree canopy is dense and dark – protection provided by age and size. On hot summer days the foliage smells pungent and dry but this afternoon – a cool, damp day after an early May heat wave –Continue reading “In the Presence of Trees, Part 8”

Breaths of Fresh Air

Warm, beautiful weather has arrived here in the PNW. We’ve had almost six months of below normal temperatures so this warm blast is as appreciated as the first robin song of early March. But regardless of the weather (and the news), I’ve been out gardening, walking, hiking, and planning this spring’s travels. Below are aContinue reading “Breaths of Fresh Air”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 10

Am I there yet? Early spring, and the work piles on. But, it is as joyful as it is hectic. Hectic because of the kittens – now almost 8 months old – joyful because it’s spring. Gardening season has begun, slowly in fits and starts, but moving forward all the same. In between planning multipleContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 10”

The Adventures of Kate and Charlie

Part two: Attack of the halters, lots of work, and beautiful walks. It feels like just last week that I wrote about these two little terrors – time is flying by in clumps of fur, tangles of halters, and mad dashes towards the door. But I see that almost one month has flown by sinceContinue reading “The Adventures of Kate and Charlie”

The Adventures of Kate and Charlie

Part One: Cuddles, Chaos and things that Crash in the night. You know how sometimes life runs smoothly and all seems settled and well thought-out? Maybe you’ve planned your next vacations, or decided upon a new direction for your garden, or become deeply involved in a volunteer or work project and are happy with theContinue reading “The Adventures of Kate and Charlie”

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

In Shoreline (Washington), a small, beautiful, intriguing botanical garden is tucked away in a deep, shady ravine. This woodland garden was created by Dr. Arthur Kruckeberg and his wife Mareen in 1958. Dr. Kruckeberg taught botany at University of Washington for many years (my spouse took a class from him and has fond memories ofContinue reading “Kruckeberg Botanic Garden”

A Moment in Time

So far, this winter has given our corner of the Pacific Northwest a variety of storms – wind, rain, snow, and ice. (In fact, it is snowing as I write this but rain will return soon.) All winter storms take a toll on a landscape, especially in our old, protected urban forests. We are luckyContinue reading “A Moment in Time”