What I’ve Learned from Gardening So Far

If you do something consistently for over 30 years, it is inevitable that you will learn a few things along the way. Sometimes you learn against your will, sometimes by accident, occasionally by intention, and frequently by repetition. I’ve learned that plants are individuals – just as we in the animal kingdom are – withContinue reading “What I’ve Learned from Gardening So Far”

The Year in Review – Just a Glimpse and a Thought (or two)

A year of good hiking, beautiful terrain, horrific weather, and challenging gardening is coming to a close. Here is just a glimpse of what 2022 offered, and a few thoughts on perspective. A cold spring, heat waves, smoke from wildfires, drought, stagnant air – we’ve given our planet and its inhabitants much to contend withContinue reading “The Year in Review – Just a Glimpse and a Thought (or two)”

Reflections on the Yakima Canyon Drive

Heading home from our last hiking vacation in the Yakima region for 2022, we stopped at the Roza Dam area in the Yakima Canyon. A quiet, peaceful series of small ponds created by the Dam are used for recreational boating and fishing – and for enjoying some spectacular scenery. I tried a different approach toContinue reading “Reflections on the Yakima Canyon Drive”

Central Washington Agriculture Museum

I’m a fan of museums. I have managed to visit at least one museum each time I have traveled. All museums I’ve visited so far have something unique and enjoyable to see – some more than others, of course. But by far the most interesting museum I’ve visited is the Agriculture Museum of Central Washington.Continue reading “Central Washington Agriculture Museum”

Cowiche Canyon , Part 3

Last week, Bill and I returned to Cowiche Canyon for our last visit of 2022. We signed up for a guided autumn-color and plant-info hike. Our guide, from the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy, informed us that the usual intensity and amount of autumn color would not be present for this hike due to extended heat andContinue reading “Cowiche Canyon , Part 3”

Selah Cliffs Natural Area Preserve

Bill and I have ended our hiking year with a return to Central Washington – specifically areas outside of and around the city of Yakima, and the Yakama Nation. The next three posts will be about these hikes. North of Yakima, just inside the magnificent Yakima Canyon, is the Selah Cliffs Natural Area Preserve. ThisContinue reading “Selah Cliffs Natural Area Preserve”

Cowiche Canyon, Central Washington

Part 2 The following pictures are from two full days of hiking in the Cowiche Canyon, outside of Yakima, Washington. This post concentrates on the outstanding beauty of this shrub-steppe habitat and its distinct plant-life and geology. Bill and I will return to the region for a botanist/ecologist guided hike in a few weeks, andContinue reading “Cowiche Canyon, Central Washington”

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

The month of September has been busy, hectic, noisy and at times worrisome. My son was home with us for two weeks recovering from surgery, my husband had a five hour ER visit, and we had our 30-year-old back decks rebuilt. In addition to the above, the Seattle area contended with heat and smoke fromContinue reading “Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden”