Neighborhood Gardens, Part 10

Am I there yet? Early spring, and the work piles on. But, it is as joyful as it is hectic. Hectic because of the kittens – now almost 8 months old – joyful because it’s spring. Gardening season has begun, slowly in fits and starts, but moving forward all the same. In between planning multipleContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 10”

No Variations on this Theme

I was thinking about my dad’s phrase – “Don’t worry, it always gets better” while listening to my doctor last week. I’ve held that phrase, and dad’s tone of voice, in my mind for most of my life. In fact, I can’t remember any difficult times when his voice and that phrase were absent. ButContinue reading “No Variations on this Theme”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5

As Spring moves towards Summer This is the busiest time of my gardening year, and most of my thoughts are centered around plants, soil, and weather. (My family is always on my mind, but, you know, sometimes gardening sneaks in there first.) As the colors of spring change from the beauty of the early daysContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5”

Early Spring in the Neighborhood, and at Home

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 3 We’ve had some gorgeous weather lately. Sunny, warm-ish days, lovely sunrises and sunsets, and much birdsong. Our robins are singing, crows are talking, and Steller’s jays are telling anyone and everyone within earshot that cold winter days are just a memory. In addition to all the work in the garden myContinue reading “Early Spring in the Neighborhood, and at Home”