Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5

As Spring moves towards Summer This is the busiest time of my gardening year, and most of my thoughts are centered around plants, soil, and weather. (My family is always on my mind, but, you know, sometimes gardening sneaks in there first.) As the colors of spring change from the beauty of the early daysContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5”

Gardening in the Rain and dreaming about Travel, Part 2

A Day Trip Last week my spouse and I took a trip to the Kitsap Peninsula to visit a nursery or two, a botanical garden, and the charming little town of Poulsbo. Our weather was as lovely as the Pacific Northwest can offer. A short ferry ride and a sunny car ride through green landscape,Continue reading “Gardening in the Rain and dreaming about Travel, Part 2”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 4

The Gardener comes to a fork in the road and a kitchen sink. Glorious weather brings me outside from dawn to late afternoon. Spring is a busy season for us gardeners – more so than summer, autumn, and a few weeks of winter. So, to take a break from the tending of plants, containers, soil,Continue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 4”

Before the Storm

The sun has shone bright this week. Lately, we have enjoyed a short run of lovely spring weather – sunny days, slight breeze, clear skies, and stars intensely visible and luminous at night. Not just the gardener has enjoyed this weather – birds and wildlife who come through this garden appear to be happy, moreContinue reading “Before the Storm”

Early Spring in the Neighborhood, and at Home

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 3 We’ve had some gorgeous weather lately. Sunny, warm-ish days, lovely sunrises and sunsets, and much birdsong. Our robins are singing, crows are talking, and Steller’s jays are telling anyone and everyone within earshot that cold winter days are just a memory. In addition to all the work in the garden myContinue reading “Early Spring in the Neighborhood, and at Home”


I wrote this poem after the shooting in Charlottesville years ago. Since that time, so many hate-filled shootings have occurred. And yesterday, another hate-filled shooting. Eight people died because of mindless, ignorant hate. Eight people murdered, simply because of their race. When will this end? Someday. Someday we will listen. Someday we will speak ofContinue reading “Someday”

Gardening Heals Mind and Body

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes swelling, stiffness, physical weakness, and fatigue. As with most any autoimmune disorder, its cause is sometimes a mystery and treatment is often ineffective. In my case, stress has been the primary reason for its resurgence. But I was lucky – itContinue reading “Gardening Heals Mind and Body”

In the Presence of Trees, Part 3

Humankinds’ relationship with trees is as complex and multifaceted as is our relationship with each other – sometimes more so. Following are a few quotes I have read over the years that have remained with me, and give some insight into this deep, enduring relationship. “A tree is in a forest, but there is alsoContinue reading “In the Presence of Trees, Part 3”

The Tenacity of Life

Few things in life impress and surprise me more than a plants’ ability to survive extreme conditions. From the ubiquitous dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) sprouting up through a tiny crack in a field of concrete, to a downed tree with one tenacious sprout struggling through contaminated, compacted soil on a construction site up towards the sun;Continue reading “The Tenacity of Life”

A Gardener’s Snow Day

We don’t get much snow here in Seattle, but when we do, it is beautiful! Our area received an small amount of snow overnight but a large snowstorm is forecast for tonight and into tomorrow. The following are a few of the reasons I enjoy this rare occurrence. These pictures combine last night’s snowfall andContinue reading “A Gardener’s Snow Day”