Welcome to my blog! I will share insights gleaned over many years from gardening, traveling, reading, and listening to the world around me. There is so much to learn if you take a moment to stop and listen.

I am a retired horticulturist and forester who has worked in the field for over 16 years. I came to Horticulture very late in life – in my early 50’s – after spending almost 30 years in the medical field. After a trip to Costa Rica with my son, I realized that my days of working inside a building were finished. I walked out of the office and into the world of gardening, and have never looked back.

I believe in the following: to live is to learn; keep an open and receptive mind; kindness is the best response but if it doesn’t work, walk away; and most important – life is brief and fleeting so love, forgive, and have a great time doing so! As Carlo Rovelli says, “Being right is not the important thing – trying to understand is.”

I hope you enjoy these offerings, and feel free to share your insights, thoughts, and comments.


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