Cowiche Canyon , Part 3

Last week, Bill and I returned to Cowiche Canyon for our last visit of 2022. We signed up for a guided autumn-color and plant-info hike. Our guide, from the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy, informed us that the usual intensity and amount of autumn color would not be present for this hike due to extended heat andContinue reading “Cowiche Canyon , Part 3”

Cowiche Canyon, Central Washington

Part 2 The following pictures are from two full days of hiking in the Cowiche Canyon, outside of Yakima, Washington. This post concentrates on the outstanding beauty of this shrub-steppe habitat and its distinct plant-life and geology. Bill and I will return to the region for a botanist/ecologist guided hike in a few weeks, andContinue reading “Cowiche Canyon, Central Washington”

Cowiche Canyon Trails, Yakima

Part 2 of our Yakima Summer brought us to the Cowiche Canyon trail system, maintained by Cowiche Canyon Conservancy and the BLM. In dry, windy heat we came to see the immense and unique beauty of this shrub-steppe landscape. Arid, sparse, rocky, rugged and at times disorienting – with over 30 miles of hiking trailsContinue reading “Cowiche Canyon Trails, Yakima”