Smooth small rocks tumble in waves of ocean,

Round black rocks roll like marbles in a jar.

Smooth black rocks shine with water

and sparkle like stars in a dark silent night.

We walked this beach once long ago,

three of us, walking and laughing, long ago.

We marveled at countless rocks so similar in size

and at the sound of rolling water.

Dry winds rustle tired leaves and takes me to a different place.

There, we walked through tall dry grass, the two of us,

under tall oak trees,

and crunched dried flowers underfoot.

Once we walked and laughed and worried of

all that followed you. 

You remembered the sound of bamboo,

it sounds like oak you said,

a sound you that made you homesick. 

And now just two of us walk the black rock beach,

so smooth and gleaming dark.

We talk of you and remember how long ago it was.

Two of us watch the roaring ocean and miss you.

So long ago,

I no longer remember the sound of your voice.

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