The Gardener preps for coastal hiking.

A short vacation is finally coming our way! My spouse and I are soon headed to the Washington coast, the Olympic National Forest, and Kalaloch beach. As we have done for long as we can remember, we will hike as long and far as we are able. Even though we both realize that the days of 10 – 15 mile hikes are behind us, we are ready for hikes of at least 5 miles at a time. And to prepare for these hikes, we took a day-trip to Whidbey Island. The following pictures will give you an idea of what this lovely, lively island has to offer. Enjoy!

Ebey’s Landing, National Historic Reserve
A truly beautiful prairie.
The trail up to the Ebey House.
A stop-in at Coupeville for coffee, snacks, and one very fine chocolate-peanut butter milkshake.

While in-town, we walked Coupeville’s Historic Houses tour. Homes from the mid-1800’s.
Methodist church from late 1800’s.

And this morning, I decided to take a long walk in some of the most beautiful weather we have had this summer. A soft breeze, early morning sounds, and a sky so blue it looked painted greeted me. The following pictures show a little of why I love the Pacific Northwest so much.

Kids have been busy making art!
Chalk art is a delight!
As I said, a true blue sky.
You can never go wrong with dinosaurs!
A lovely offering.

I wish you clear skies, good walking weather, and excellent coffee!

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