A Guerrilla in the Forest

Two young Douglas Fir saplings grow deep in a remote part of a shady forest.  Spring-green needles soft as fur cover the young trees.  A mixed forest – big leaf maples, cascara, alder – growing with a wealth of understory plants.  Deep shade here; are the saplings in too much shade?  But light does streamContinue reading “A Guerrilla in the Forest”

A Favorite Old Haunt

A day that could not be more beautiful enticed us to visit my spouse’s alma mater – the University of Washington. The UW Seattle campus is filled with history, beauty, and long distances offering good walking, unique sights, and intriguing gardens. The campus is home to historic trees, including its famed cherry trees which bringContinue reading “A Favorite Old Haunt”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 7

Making the Rounds A classic spring day occurred recently – breezy, clean air, sun and clouds competing for dominance, and a true blue sky. How could I not get out and walk? The lock-down, though easing in our area, has been good for gardens and gardeners. And those of us who take long walks inContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 7”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 6

Sometimes my news feed is overwhelming – and not in a positive way. Shootings, on-going efforts to dismantle our democracy, voter suppression, environmental damage, bigotry and intolerance – working to improve my tiny corner of life sometimes seems pointless. At times it seems that the one step forward I take is followed by two stepsContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 6”

In the Presence of Trees, Part 4

A Sense of Something that Is. Consciousness: Awareness of oneself within and among ones’ environment. Sentience of internal and external being. Experiencing existence as one and as community. Descartes walks into a coffee shop, sits down at a table and reads the menu. A waiter comes up to him and asks, “Are you ready toContinue reading “In the Presence of Trees, Part 4”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5

As Spring moves towards Summer This is the busiest time of my gardening year, and most of my thoughts are centered around plants, soil, and weather. (My family is always on my mind, but, you know, sometimes gardening sneaks in there first.) As the colors of spring change from the beauty of the early daysContinue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5”

Gardening in the Rain and dreaming about Travel, Part 2

A Day Trip Last week my spouse and I took a trip to the Kitsap Peninsula to visit a nursery or two, a botanical garden, and the charming little town of Poulsbo. Our weather was as lovely as the Pacific Northwest can offer. A short ferry ride and a sunny car ride through green landscape,Continue reading “Gardening in the Rain and dreaming about Travel, Part 2”

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 4

The Gardener comes to a fork in the road and a kitchen sink. Glorious weather brings me outside from dawn to late afternoon. Spring is a busy season for us gardeners – more so than summer, autumn, and a few weeks of winter. So, to take a break from the tending of plants, containers, soil,Continue reading “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 4”

Before the Storm

The sun has shone bright this week. Lately, we have enjoyed a short run of lovely spring weather – sunny days, slight breeze, clear skies, and stars intensely visible and luminous at night. Not just the gardener has enjoyed this weather – birds and wildlife who come through this garden appear to be happy, moreContinue reading “Before the Storm”

Early Spring in the Neighborhood, and at Home

Neighborhood Gardens, Part 3 We’ve had some gorgeous weather lately. Sunny, warm-ish days, lovely sunrises and sunsets, and much birdsong. Our robins are singing, crows are talking, and Steller’s jays are telling anyone and everyone within earshot that cold winter days are just a memory. In addition to all the work in the garden myContinue reading “Early Spring in the Neighborhood, and at Home”