Breaths of Fresh Air

Warm, beautiful weather has arrived here in the PNW. We’ve had almost six months of below normal temperatures so this warm blast is as appreciated as the first robin song of early March. But regardless of the weather (and the news), I’ve been out gardening, walking, hiking, and planning this spring’s travels. Below are a few pictures of what March and April have offered us so far. There is so much beauty to see, to take in – and to offer in return.

Nothing compares to Magnolia stellata.
Except, maybe, Amelanchier alnifolia.
Brilliant red of young maple leaves.
Pieris japonica, Brookside miniature and, in the container below, Acorus gramineus. My garden.
This sweet little stand of Hacquetia epipactis can be found at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden.
You probably know this beauty by its scent!
I bought this gorgeous Primula at a grocery store years ago. As most any crazy plant person will do, I’ll buy a beautiful plant anywhere I find one!
This lovely garden marks the mid-point of my long weekend walks.
Someone helped itself to a bite of Trillium.
The red of this Rhododendron is almost too vibrant!
The beautiful and tasty fiddleheads of Matteuccia struthiopteris, Ostrich Fern. This shot was taken at RSBG but I also grow this fern at home. And my kitten, Charlie, (8 months old now) has discovered how tasty it is!

I hope your days are filled with all the beauty spring provides.


2 thoughts on “Breaths of Fresh Air

    1. You’re correct! They are a very charming yellow-green, and will spread readily when given enough water. They do best in partial shade but I’ve seen them in deep shade blooming their little heads off. They are a sweet groundcover!


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