Who are we?

Who are we? Have we changed since the last mass shooting – just last week? Just yesterday? Are we different from the last time we heard someone insult, belittle, or mock another? Have we changed since the last child was murdered – by gun, by neglect, by stranger or parent or relative? Since the last bystander was murdered? Have we grown kinder, colder, more compassionate or more distant? Have our hearts been broken so many times that healing is impossible? Have our hearts grown numb? Or, were they always numb?

Who are we? So many words spoken that say, ultimately, the same thing. Over and over, again and again – the same thing. Who are we to allow children to be murdered? To allow innocent people to be murdered? Grandparents, parents, single people, working folks – crucial people all. In a school. In a church. In a grocery store. In a parking lot. On a playground. In a nightclub. In a safe space. At a sweet 16 birthday party. In a park. Who are we?

Who are we to allow anyone who wants one – anyone! – to own an assault rifle? Why? Who are we to allow this country to have more guns than people? A country with more guns than people. More guns than human beings.

Maybe a better question is this: what are we?

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