Neighborhood Gardens, Part 10

Am I there yet?

Early spring, and the work piles on. But, it is as joyful as it is hectic. Hectic because of the kittens – now almost 8 months old – joyful because it’s spring. Gardening season has begun, slowly in fits and starts, but moving forward all the same. In between planning multiple spring hiking trips (one with son, one with spouse, one alone), leash-training the kittens to the outside world, prepping garden beds, and beginning long-planned projects here at home, I’ve found time to resume long walks throughout neighborhoods near and not-so-near. And here is what I’ve seen.

Daffys and dandelion in a ditch.
I’ve admired this large, healthy Senecio for years.
Children are prepping gardens for the summer.
Fresh new growth one of the many native roses along Seattle’s SEA streets.
One of the many characteristics of rhododendron that I love – indumentum.
I love walking under this canopy.
My red-edge hebe made it through a tough winter with no problems.
A well-loved heirloom.
The beautiful, sweet Magnolia stellata, pink form.
A swath of Oxalis oregana at Kruckeberg Botanical Garden.
Bill and I fell in love with cowslip when we hiked the Cotswold region (England), and began growing them at home in 2020. They’re doing well in spite of summer heat and drought.
The color purple is stunning. This is Aubrieta, rock cress, nestled in a covering of Cotoneaster microphyllus.

Among the residue of winter are beautiful signs of life. But I look at my garden and wonder if it will ever be complete. Like most aspects of life, there is always more to do – something needs completion, places need visiting, sights need to be seen. Will I ever get there? Probably not. And that’s a big part of the fun of life.


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