Reflections on the Yakima Canyon Drive

Heading home from our last hiking vacation in the Yakima region for 2022, we stopped at the Roza Dam area in the Yakima Canyon. A quiet, peaceful series of small ponds created by the Dam are used for recreational boating and fishing – and for enjoying some spectacular scenery. I tried a different approach to my phone photos this time and utilized reflected images on the water for enhanced color and an unusual perspective.

Still water on a windless day. Unusual for the Canyon.

Railroad tracks and lots of grass.

This shot is my favorite as it shows an old landslide just above the railroad tracks.

Beyond the ponds, the Yakima River rounds a bend.

So ends of year of outstanding hiking, exploring, and discovery. I hope you have enjoyed touring this area of Central Washington as much as Bill and I. My fervent wish is for these wild and protected areas to thrive and continue to educate, entertain, and thrill visitors for countless years to come.

Never stop exploring!

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