Central Washington Agriculture Museum

I’m a fan of museums. I have managed to visit at least one museum each time I have traveled. All museums I’ve visited so far have something unique and enjoyable to see – some more than others, of course. But by far the most interesting museum I’ve visited is the Agriculture Museum of Central Washington. And not just because it hosts a steep hiking trail just a short walk beyond its perimeter. Take a look at what this fun and educational outdoor facility has to offer and I think you’ll agree – it is one-of-a-kind!

A Smythe’s stove? Not sure.

I don’t know what this was used for, but apparently it cost 5c per serving.

Occupied dens on the way up the trail – a 600 ft incline.

View from almost-the-top of the trail.

Up top.

Bill wanted to take this hike out into yet another canyon, but at this point I said “Nope – it’s time for ice cream!” And down the hill we went.

The Yakima Valley is home to a wide variety of museums, but this facility is at the top of my list and I recommend a visit. Here’s the link: centralwaagmuseum.org

I wish you fun travels, good weather, and sweet treats!

3 thoughts on “Central Washington Agriculture Museum

  1. I love museums too, especially unique ones like this! We have a steam engine museum close by that is amazing (for when you are in town!). It would be fun to do a field trip there and have students guess what the different machines do! They would probably have some funny ideas.


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