Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

The month of September has been busy, hectic, noisy and at times worrisome. My son was home with us for two weeks recovering from surgery, my husband had a five hour ER visit, and we had our 30-year-old back decks rebuilt. In addition to the above, the Seattle area contended with heat and smoke from wildfires which kept us inside for a while. But, in between all the mess, banging, worry, and appointments, we found time to visit one of the premiere botanical gardens in the PNW – the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. This gorgeous garden, located in Federal Way (south of Seattle, north of Tacoma), is an educational and creative wonder. Bill and I have visited many times, and have a membership with the Garden, so it was a treat to take our son there for a visit. His recovery from surgery has been fast and relatively easy – as expected from someone young – and he felt strong enough to walk the pathways and hills with us. And being among mosses, giant conifers and unique plants assists with healing. It was a beautiful day, as the following pictures show.

Deep shade dotted with sunlight offers perfect growing conditions for understory plants.

Giant seedpods.

Couldn’t find a label for this lily, but it’s at least 5 feet tall.

Its flowers are beautiful.

Rhododendron rex ssp. rex

Viburnum nervosum

Climbing hydrangea, Hydrangea anomala

The pond.

Giant magnolia leaves.

View from the Gazebo, at the top of the Alpine Garden

A moment in the mist.

A most unusual begonia in the Conservatory.

If you haven’t visited this most beautiful and unique botanical garden yet, take time to do so. Any time of year you will find rare and gorgeous treasures.

Wishing you good health, clear skies, and time to enjoy the sights.

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