I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!

You know how you do something that you didn’t mean to do, and as you’re doing it you know it’s wrong, but you can’t stop yourself? Like, for instance, squishing a bug? Or, smashing a bee? Or, maybe . . . like sending a spider flying over your hedge and into your neighbor’s yard so fast that the poor arachnid almost broke the sound barrier just because it was making its web in front of your face as you’re walking through your garden, minding your own business, and you walk full-face-first into a sticky, enormous web with the innocent spider in the middle? I really didn’t mean to send it flying like that. But – spiders!! What can I say? I know and appreciate their environmental importance. They eat aphids, for god’s sake! They’re important! Their webs are beautiful (when not in my face and hair and arms and legs.) But – spiders!!

And they’re almost invisible!

And this one I saw on my walk this morning.

Next time, I’ll try to be kinder.

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