Summer Delights

So far, this summer has been beautiful. Gentle weather, stunning skies, no drought (yet), thriving plants – not much more to ask for this small corner of our planet. In between long day trips and longer weekends of travel, I’ve been taking in the sites on my various walking routes. I thought I’d share with you some of the delights – old and new – that have come my way.

This little guy has been around for many years. My beagle used to protect me from him, until he (Pips the beagle) decided the cub presented no threat.

I found this little planter at Goodwill for $1.50. Decided a Sempervivum tectorum would fit it nicely. In the background is Astrantia major, masterwort.

This pretty much sums up summer so far.

As does my rose. I only grow species roses (and just a few) because they’re so easy to care for.

Baptisia australis. One of my favorite prairie plants (my garden).

A wild blast of color on my walking route. (Helianthemum nummularium)

Along a shady sidewalk, this gardener has planted native iris. Not sure which one but my guess is Iris douglasiana.

My Rhododendron alabamense. I grow this gorgeous azalea in a container in order to give it the large amount of water it needs. Worth all the work, in my opinion.

I hope your summer so far is just as you desire. And I wish for you blue skies, easy walks, and well-behaved wildlife.

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