Yakima Area Arboretum Garden Tour

A few more pictures from a thoroughly enjoyable garden tour, sponsored by the Arboretum. A wide range of garden styles, sizes and ages were represented. One garden, in particular, filled a luxurious five acres with beds of full sun to full shade perennials, on slopes and flat areas, two very large ponds, and a unique tree house. Another garden filled almost two acres with roses, clematis, anemone, and “annual” geraniums almost six feet in height (over-wintered in an ample greenhouse).

This garden tour is held yearly in June – missing the past 2 years due to Covid – and is a beloved and well-attended event. We plan to attend again next year, and I hope you will, as well.

Owner-built tree house.

Largest Sambucus nigra, Black lace, I’ve ever seen.

This is the only variegated Ginkgo I’ve seen. Didn’t know this plant existed.

A spectacular tri-color Beech, Fagus sylvatica.

Wishing you good gardening, fine weather, and enjoyment in all you do.

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