Walking Towards

So this is what it means: no time like the present – do it now before you change your mind – if you stand still you’ll freeze – no time to waste. There is wisdom in each saying far beyond the obvious; available to anyone willing to think for more than a moment. Of course we know that “everything changes”; after all, change defines life on this planet, and I assume it defines all life no matter where it is found. Change for good or ill, for progress or regress, enjoyable or unpleasant. Walk towards change and savor all it brings – no matter how difficult.

These thoughts came to me as I ventured out for a long walk the other day. A beautiful (though chilly) spring morning was a good time for considering options. Very few people out, although I did encounter a friend/fellow walker and we talked for a few minutes; otherwise, a quiet time good for thinking.

And this is what I saw:

Magnolia – M. soulangeana, I think.
New tulips coming on as the old fade.
Aubrieta, Rock Cress. I love this blast of color.
Cornus florida
Magnolia grandiflora – one of the most beautiful trees on my walking route.
A young little Pinus mugo
Coming out of hibernation – the dinosaurs of summer are waking up!

No matter what comes your way, keep moving forward. After all, there is something beautiful in every moment – sometimes it just takes time to find it.


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