A Winter Garden, Part 2

The month of February is a very busy time for me and Bill. Our birthdays are eight days apart and this is the month we met 50 years ago, so we combine those dates to make the entire month celebratory. In addition, we’ve continued weekly walks through the Washington Park Arboretum. In my free time, I have continued walks and hikes in the neighborhood and a local urban forest while doing my best to avoid ice, snow, and some very slick trails.

The following are a few of the late winter delights I’ve encountered while out. Although I walk fast to keep warm (we have had many days of sub-freezing weather this month), I will always take a moment to stop for a picture or two.

A creative offering nestled in the Mahonia (or Berberis, but I prefer Mahonia).
In the ‘hood.
Same garden as the little sprite. Berginia cordifolia nestled among granite.
A neighbor. Nice guy – quiet and thoughtful.
I felt I was being watched as I walked along.
Camelia japonica at the Washington Park Arboretum.
I love this stand of Cornus at the Arboretum.
On the New Zealand trail. Arboretum.
A true blue day.
Good neighbors – a Madrone, a pine, and a maple. Arboretum.
At home – Ribes sanguineum, White Icicle.
The trunk of my venerable Pieris floribunda. No plant in my garden means more to me than this one.
And it’s in full bloom!
On the way up the trail to visit my brother. His ashes are giving life to a young Garry oak (Quercus garryana) in this forest.
This neighbor’s Amelanchier is still decked out for the winter holidays.

I wish you bright days, good trails, and delights to warm your soul.

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