Neighborhood Gardens, Part 8

Foggy Morning

Seattle and surrounding regions are in a dense fog these days, accompanied by an Air Stagnation alert. Our air quality hasn’t reached the Unhealthy level yet but it certainly doesn’t smell or taste pleasant. Nonetheless, I enjoy walking in fog. It quiets footsteps, muffles voices, and alters distant views. One can imagine how fairies, phantoms and spirits followed our distant ancestors on their travels in foggy conditions. Most distinct to me is how plants respond to the cool, moist ambient air – especially conifers. They appear to “open their arms” to the added moisture; opening up, glistening, pulling in.

Neighborhood sights:

Very foggy as I started out.
Uphill, a bit clearer. One of my favorite Eucalyptus trees on this route.
Dinosaurs roamed here last summer. I look forward to their return in spring.
Thick fog envelopes this maple as I walked down towards a Puget Sound view.
Looking west towards the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Trust me – they’re there.

Here’s to clear skies, clean air, and good walks.

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 8

    1. Yep, it’s pretty unpleasant. It happens when very wet, cold, heavy air settles into an area with no air movement – no wind for days. So all the particulate matter in the air just stays in place and doesn’t get blown away. The worst part is the taste it leaves in the mouth.


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