That Time of Year

It’s here – that time of year that I begin to dream about desert hikes. Could be the rain and fog, landslides and floods, or heavy cloud cover that brings the desert to mind; could be the damp cold – but, most likely, it is the desire to see plants that don’t grow naturally here in the PNW. Also, reading a recent post from one of my favorite blogs, Four Points Bulletin, The Slot, Anza Borrego Desert, is in part a reason for this urge. This blog is filled with fantastic photography and enjoyable articles about many places I’ve not visited, so it’s my go-to travel guide for warm weather travel. Anyway, as I said, I am craving a desert hike these days. And as we are not planning to travel until early spring, I will need to be content with good articles and gorgeous photography.

But, in the meantime, I tend my inside desert garden with enthusiasm. In our very small house, one extra room is all I need (and all I have) to grow succulents during winter – both Old World and New World – and enjoy indoor gardening until I can pack up my car and hit the desert road. My patient spouse has encouraged my plant habit by setting up a frame for the grow lights that help these plants survive our dark, cold, damp days.

A few of the plants in my desert room are below.

Crassula, Aeonium, Anacampseros, Kalanchoe, and Graptosedum.
In the front is Kleinia stapeliformis (Pickle Plant). Behind is Crassula, ‘Watchchain Jade’, two Kalanchoes, and new agaves.
And no dry garden is complete without Lithops.

Here’s to good weather, happy plants, and glorious day-dreams.

2 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. Your Pacific Northwest desert plants are thriving!
    Really what I need in the desert are you, for plant identification, and my geologist friend, for rocks. It’s all about who you know!
    I will keep bringing the blue skies (via digital images).

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