Snow Day

It isn’t a common occurrence here in Seattle – a genuine snow day – but when it happens my neighborhood makes the most of it. Everyone I encountered while out walking was doing as much as possible; sledding, snowshoeing, breaking in new cross-country skis, or walking the dog, kids, and/or partners! I decided to take a few pictures while out and visiting with neighbors. It’s a beautiful world when covered in a blanket of soft, downy snow.


The trunks of my Arbutus unedo looks good dressed up in snow.
My little Pinus mugo, ‘Carsten’s Wintergold’, showing some gold at the tips.
One of our neighborhood’s many young Amelanchier alnifoila, Service Berry trees.
A massive, very old Acer macrophyllum, Big Leaf maple.
Icicles forming on a rockery. My hands were pretty cold and shaky at this point, so this photo is a bit blurry. But, you get the picture :)!

I wish you the joy of a snow day – before the shoveling begins!

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