The cookie wins every time!

Because our local meteorologist has promised a rain and wind storm arriving soon, I decided to get in one more long walk before the rain. So, yesterday morning, with weather as beautiful as it could possibly be, I committed to a long hike. After tanking up on breakfast and two cups of coffee, I hit the road. I looked beyond the drought-stressed conifers and the exhausted perennials to the stunning blue sky and the color show. Yellows, oranges, reds – tawny leaves dotted the ground and floated on an easy breeze. Two miles in and my energy level increased with each beautiful color I encountered. The pavement was dotted with leaves that crunched underfoot. I lost my sense of time and place in the beauty of change, and walked with the season’s tempo.

I entered a neighborhood that offered a joyful welcome nestled among the leaves.

Another neighborhood brought me to a path enclosed in a cathedral of green. It was quiet.

Out into a bright sky, more color hit me like welcomed friend not seen in months.

After four miles, I began to get hungry. I thought of walking up to a local coffee shop east of me on a busy intersection, but decided I could wait until I returned home. Didn’t want to encounter traffic after such a quiet walk. At that point, I turned the corner and headed back. On the way, as my stomach growled and the morning warmed, I debated with myself about what to eat when I got home. “An apple is filling and healthy, but there’s a cookie that I haven’t eaten yet and I don’t want it to go to waste. Could eat a banana but I ate one for breakfast. An orange might be a good idea but I’m not in the mood for citrus at the moment. Maybe toast and peanut butter? That cookie – peanut butter and chocolate – boy, that sounds good. Tough decision!”

After another block, I came to an elegant late summer landscape. This planting looks good all year but is most beautiful in late summer through autumn.

As I crossed the street and entered the last half mile of my walk, I came upon one of my favorite trees – Fraxinus (americana or angustifolia). I look forward to its gorgeous purple all year.

The last block. My street. I walked up the steps, up the long walk to the front door, and as I entered the house the first thought that came to mind was “Cookie!” The sweet treat wins again!

I hope the colors of autumn fill you with joy!

2 thoughts on “The cookie wins every time!

  1. For me, cookies take second place to apple pie so much in the season now. Autumn colors are in a class by themselves which makes for an exciting season. Nice shot of Flame Ash; Fraxinus latifolia is Oregon Ash which turns yellow.

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    1. Yep – apple pie is a winner! Especially with a crumble top. And thanks for the reminder about the ash species. That always tripped me up in class. Leaf shape, I guess. Is the species americana or angustifolia?

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