Neighborhood Gardens, Part 7

Making the Rounds

A classic spring day occurred recently – breezy, clean air, sun and clouds competing for dominance, and a true blue sky. How could I not get out and walk? The lock-down, though easing in our area, has been good for gardens and gardeners. And those of us who take long walks in areas other than our own neighborhoods are the happy recipients of an astounding amount of beauty.

Here are a few offerings from my recent 4.5-miler. Enjoy!

Walking west, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.
Maples and a gorgeous birch.
On the same street as the maples – a well-loved pine.
Nice use of Nassella tenuissima and all those rocks.
A child’s garden.
I didn’t know about this pedestrian-only path between two streets until recently. Nice short-cut!
I’ve admired this young pine for years as it has taken over an old stump and made itself at home.
Kalmia latifolia.
One can never have too many Kalmias.
Homeward bound.
This greeted me as I turned onto my street and headed home.

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