Neighborhood Gardens, Part 6

Sometimes my news feed is overwhelming – and not in a positive way. Shootings, on-going efforts to dismantle our democracy, voter suppression, environmental damage, bigotry and intolerance – working to improve my tiny corner of life sometimes seems pointless. At times it seems that the one step forward I take is followed by two steps backwards. But then I remember the people in my life and I am refreshed. There is optimism to be found by just looking around. Good people – honest, kind, diligent, industrious, compassionate – are everwhere.

Keep working, keep trying, keep loving. Good always outweighs bad.

I enjoy the cool shade of this tunnel.
An SEA (Street Edge Alternative) ditch in full bloom.
Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorn on my walking route.
My Friday morning get-away.
Neighborhood kids love this tree.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 6

  1. That is one healthy Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorn! Maybe the fungus has abated and the survivors can get on with their growing.


    1. The tree is hanging on and looks like it’s making a recovery. Three years ago I thought is was dead (its companion hawthorn died last year) but it looks much better this year, although smaller canopy than in past years. It’s a tough little tree!


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