Neighborhood Gardens, Part 5

As Spring moves towards Summer

This is the busiest time of my gardening year, and most of my thoughts are centered around plants, soil, and weather. (My family is always on my mind, but, you know, sometimes gardening sneaks in there first.)

As the colors of spring change from the beauty of the early days – pastels, pinks, the palest green – to mid and late spring, vibrant reds, purples, blues, and yellows take center stage. But among the kaleidoscope of color exists a restful, gentle offering. This color tells the gardener to rest a moment, move from high-spirited energy to a quiet, thoughtful glance at the garden as a whole – and an instant of peace before the outburst of summer arrives.

Exochorda x macrantha, ‘The Bride’. Few plants are as beautiful in bloom as Exochorda.
Chionanthus retusus, Chinese Fringe Tree
Cornus florida, a very good Dogwood
The palest pink carpets my walk.

I wish you peaceful gardening, with ample energy when needed.

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