Gardening in the Rain and dreaming about Travel, Part 2

A Day Trip

Last week my spouse and I took a trip to the Kitsap Peninsula to visit a nursery or two, a botanical garden, and the charming little town of Poulsbo. Our weather was as lovely as the Pacific Northwest can offer. A short ferry ride and a sunny car ride through green landscape, blue skies, and with favorite music brought us to our first stop – Savage Plants and Landscape. This is a beautifully organized, structured, and landscaped nursery that was a joy to visit and difficult to leave.

From the ferry.
Savage Plants and Landscape Nursery

From Savage Plants nursery, we continued on to Heronswood Botanic Garden in Kingston. Here, we wandered for hours among communities of plants – some familiar, a few new, and all in unique and intriguing settings. I have a deep appreciation for any garden I visit where I learn much more than I anticipated learning.

Lysichiton camtschatcensis, Asian Skunk Cabbage
Trilliums in bloom.
I didn’t find a label for this beautiful group, so my next visit will include learning about this flower.

After two hours at Heronswood, on we drove to Poulsbo. This is a pleasant town to visit, and on a warm sunny day I felt like I was on vacation for the first time since January 2020. After visiting the bakery and Liberty Bay Bookstore, the waterfront, and a few historic sites, our time to leave arrived. This was just a day out – just one day. But, for all its brevity the day filled me with a sense of relief, a touch of freedom, and an intuition that soon all will be well.

From the waterfront of Poulsbo.
Other than induldging in plants, I can think of no better way of ending the day!

I wish you clear skies, smooth roads, and one heckin’ good pastry!

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