Neighborhood Gardens, Part 4

The Gardener comes to a fork in the road and a kitchen sink.

Glorious weather brings me outside from dawn to late afternoon. Spring is a busy season for us gardeners – more so than summer, autumn, and a few weeks of winter. So, to take a break from the tending of plants, containers, soil, and wildlife, I went out for a long walk. Much to my surprise, I see that my neighborhood is experiencing an increase in the creativity during these past COVID months. Some of what I’ve seen is offered here. I hope you enjoy, appreciate, are amused by, and/or feel kinship with the deep urge to find beauty and humor amid the onslaught of trauma in our world today.


As Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Good advice, but I left it.
A nascent play area on a very quiet street.
New garden – young plants, old rocks.
Another beautiful Prunus and a Magnolia stellata.
I love the shadows a sunny days offers us.
A sweet Ericaceous combination. Coincidently, all my most loved plants are in this family. Here, the beautiful Pieris japonica is paired with a rhododendron.
A very young garden – installed last week. The gardener has added a kitchen sink to the plantings. Good use of one of the necessities of life.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Gardens, Part 4

  1. It is nice to see creativity appearing – maybe due to more flex time on one’s hands. Now, where is the spoon that ran away with the moon?


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