Before the Storm

The sun has shone bright this week. Lately, we have enjoyed a short run of lovely spring weather – sunny days, slight breeze, clear skies, and stars intensely visible and luminous at night. Not just the gardener has enjoyed this weather – birds and wildlife who come through this garden appear to be happy, more active than usual, and hungry! Especially the rabbits. Especially them.

Plants are sprouting, flowers are opening, colors appear. Do they look more vivid than last spring, I wonder? Pinks, yellows, orange, purples, blues, and vibrant whites surround us. This is a beautiful time of year. It can be. It should be.

A storm is forecast for this weekend. Rain, more snow in the mountains, wind. But, we take the bad with the good. Does “it all balance out”? I don’t know. This week’s news has been horrific: two mass shootings in two days; a small boy found alone, wandering along the US-Mexico border after being abandoned by the group he had been traveling with, hungry, frightened, completely alone; the grief and guilt felt by the witnessess to the murder of George Floyd. A storm of pain. The bad with the good – where is the good? The young boy has been helped. Maybe justice will finally be given to the Floyd family. Maybe gun restrictions will finally be put in place. Maybe we will see the beauty surrounding us and appreciate it – in all its forms. I put away the newspaper – turn off the news – and walk outside into the sun.

Primula vulgaris

Pulsatilla vulgarius
Kalmiopsis leachiana, Umpqua Form
Cherry trees on the campus of University of Washington.
Someone has the right idea.

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