Neighborhood Gardens, Part 2

Sometimes getting away is crucial for mental health. Leaving behind the world for a moment, even for only the time involved in taking a walk, can bring peace and clearer thoughts. The events in the Capitol Building in DC on the 6th of this month were overwhelming, infuriating, steeped in racism and ignorance, profoundly dangerous, and filled with hate. Our country has been awash in hateful words, acts, and intentions for many, many years. At times it seems like nothing will bring about improvement, and that the only change we see is in method. The actors are the same, the words are the same, the intent is the same. Hate.

I took a long walk to get away for a moment. To think. To remind myself that there is beauty in our country. In life.

There is some hope to be found. Someday we will practice love instead of hate.

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