When a Gardener Travels

A year like no other is a good year to daydream, and these days I have been dreaming of past travels. My spouse and I had four vacations planned for 2020; only one came to fruition. A short trip to the Oregon Coast last January was all we were allowed before COVID restrictions set in. But, as we always do on vacation, we walked through every neighborhood, every forest, and down every town road we encountered. And during our walks, what we see in the moment brings to the surface something memorable we saw in the past. Once we reach our destination, the majority of our trips are experienced on foot – safest for all. When we are driving and I see something intriguing I will point it out to my spouse, and before you know it, we are headed in that direction – car and all. Once or twice we’ve ended up very, very close to a cliff. So, as I said, we experience other places on foot. And once we return home, my head is so filled with ideas that I can barely sleep for weeks.

The following are a few pictures of gardens and landscapes around the world. I hope you enjoy them!

Public garden, Kyoto
Charming succulent front garden, Kyoto
Oswald West State Park, Oregon
Church yard, Downe, England
Garden gate, York, England
York, England
Asters, my garden
Beautifully tended public garden in Washington state
The remarkable beauty of Hawaii, the Big Island
New life in a lava bed, Hawaii
Balboa Park, San Diego

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